I believe the role of the Director is one of a collaborator and visionary. I have had the honor and privilege to direct classic works in all forms including musicals, operas and the “straight” play. My favorite work is the work itself. I am just as inspired by the traditional cannon of great American plays as I am to grapple with challenges of Devised and original works created in a collaborative process. In each and every case, “the play’s the thing!” The process of exploration and discovery with the artists and artistic collaborators is the most rewarding part of the process each and every time. I have traveled all over the United States, Europe, South America and Africa working with all kinds of artists and communities. I look forward to continuing to DO the WORK. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for us to work together. ​


“Covering the Ground…” is about facilitating difficult and courageous dialogues with diverse communities. We work with NGOs, civic organizations and institutions, in both business and academic settings and with non-profit corporations. We will help design special programming and projects specifically tailored to your organization or community challenges with innovative and creative approaches. We have designed a curriculum using applied theatre and a creatively engaged facilitation process to assist your group in both small and large settings. Our goal is to speak to the greater community culture and begin to address areas where implicit bias and/or lack of cultural awareness can sometimes become barriers to effective communication and perceptions of equality, equity, and inclusion. Increased awareness and acknowledgment of difference and diverse perspectives is the first step to building alliances and bridges towards understanding, respect, and appreciation one for another. The goal being to create a living/working space of equity and inclusion allowing all people to function at their highest and most productive levels.


Workshops are designed to address the specific needs of our clients. We believe in an inter-active and engaged process. We offer everything from a residency of one to two weeks to a single day session of 3-4 hours. We work with your organization to look at the specific challenges you wish to address and collectively determine an appropriate approach for your individual organization whether it is working with the leadership or the membership.


We offer a variety of performance options from speaking as a keynote, inspirational or motivational speaker, to the solo performance. Or you may choose the option of engaging our company of 5-7 performance artists to perform a series of vignettes or scenes focused specifically on the targeted needs your organization or institution. Another option available is a full-length performance piece from our repertoire. These performance options also include a workshop and a facilitated dialogue with the  audience. For more information on our repertoire of plays and original community collaborations please visit The Conciliation Project website at .

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Creating a space for people to speak the truth; and empowering people

to authentically show up, speak up, and to stand up.