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Was It A Fake Or Not?

When one of the most worn out expressions in the current lexicon of common speech and phrases has become “Fake News”, it is no wonder that many people are finding it difficult to believe the recent COVID-positive test for the President of the United States. With all of the carefully orchestrated “Drama” that played itself out around the president’s health and well-being only a few weeks ago, many people are still left wondering if we all just got “PUNKED”?

It must be acknowledged that the events surrounding the emergency helicopter transport to the hospital, as the sun set on the horizon and the Washington Monument, framed in soft focus, and seen in the distance, was a beautifully staged event for the television audience. The mysterious and experimental treatment protocols the “head of state” received, coupled with a complete lack of transparency about his health when questioned by the press, makes it all seem a bit surreal and “reality-TV show like.”  Hmmmmm? The extraordinary timing of his urgent care and quick release with a clean bill of health magnifies the stage craft of the orchestrated cadre of medical personnel, marching out as if in military formation, silently taking their places to stand white-coated and sincere like a scene from a made-for-television movie script. It all makes you wonder if it was real or just reality-tv?

No way! Some folks might say. “There’s no way he would do something like that!” Really? The things that we have witnessed in the past few years should demonstrate that ALL things are possible. And there’s an endless cast of characters, producers and backstage technicians that will support the “story as written” and the “production as staged.” There were so many made-for TV moments like the impromptu Walter Reed Hospital drive around the block waving to adoring fans moment, while supposedly being infected with COVID-19. There were the many photo ops staged for the camera “working while in the hospital”, moments. And then there was the less than 3-day stay, and triumphant return by helicopter landing on the White House lawn moment. And let us not forget the “Rocky like climb” of the White House stairs moment, and the “Evita- Eva Perone balcony moment” with cameras flashing and LIVE television coverage.

All of these made for TV moments suddenly made the seriousness of the original diagnosis extremely suspect. And if all that were not enough, what we are now left with is a lack of contrition or even acknowledgement that the COVID pandemic is REAL and the citizens in this country need to take it very seriously. What we have now is only a tepid response to the public health emergency that is COVID-19, which is only a half-hearted acknowledgement at best and an attitude that completely debunks any serious concern at worst. Instead, we get grand proclamations of how “I Beat COVID-19 and You can TOO!”

We get continuous denial of scientific fact about this insidious virus and its devastating and deadly consequences. We get a series of unsafe and unmasked campaign rallies in which the American public willingly participates, as hundreds of thousands of people follow the demonstrated lack of concern of their president and leader of our nation. The followers and believers willingly buy into the doctrine of faux Power and Fake Machismo! They truly think that the pandemic is inconsequential to them or to their lives.

History will definitely speak on these times in the future. Unfortunately, many more people will fall victim to this pandemic and its infectious and deadly grip before it is all over. Too many strange and inexplicable moments have occurred since we first heard of the COVID outbreak at the White House. The most insidious is the strange and convenient timing of the illness, and the recovery of the man who is infamous for his talent in advertisement, branding and reality-TV.

Was it the BIG Fake Out or NOT?

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