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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Silence, complicity and denial create a dangerous combination of characteristics in the conduct of those who have been given the enormous responsibility of Leadership. Leadership that is enveloped in those traits enables immoral, destructive and even criminal behavior on a grand scale.  For decades upon decades the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church and many so-called believers and followers of Christian religious institutions have been doing just that.  Involvement, support, collaboration and participation in wrongdoing is what defines complicity and that is exactly what has been happening at the highest levels of religious leadership on a global scale. Recently, more than 300 priests were accused of sexual abuse crimes in Pennsylvania alone, as reported by the Washington Post and a myriad of other news outlets. This is truly an abomination not only due to the scale of the abuse, given the reports claim over 3,000 children were sexually abused or assaulted by these pedophile priests, but as reported, this is only a fraction of the children who have been victimized by these “trusted” emissaries of God. The abuse has gone on for decades and has ruined the lives of thousands upon thousands of children and their families.....To read more, click here!

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